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    Looking for a Fulfillment Centre in Europe?

    Central Europe location

    As a Fulfillment Centre located in Poland, we can easily handle all your European distribution needs. This location allows us to ship to all major EU countries and deliver within days.

    Cost optimization

    Thanks to cost efficient work force, multiple contracts with leading couriers and flexible attitude of our friendly staff, we can help you gain access to enormous market and reach new opportunities.

    Legal support

    We offer support in setting up your European legal entity. We’ll ensure you meet all requirements to import your goods to EU and sell them across the continent.

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    You don’t have to be a logistics expert. Use our knowledge instead

    Fillmerce is a team of people determined to help eCommerce entrepreneurs like you to achieve better sales results. We’re located in Central Europe and offer dedicated logistics solutions, tailor-made especially for the eCommerce sector. We’re specialized in order fulfillment and warehousing.

    Our priority is customer service. We understand that each company is different, so it has to be treated individually. All of our customers are equally important for us, no matter if they ship 50 or 5000 orders monthly.

    We’ll do whatever we can to solve all your logistics challenges. We believe good sales experience makes customers loyal, therefore we want to make sure that all your customers are 100% satisfied with shopping at your eCommerce store. Your success is our mission.

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